Blue Dragon Reiki School

Blue Dragon Reiki School, since 1997 

Joni Brestler, Reiki Master, RMT, BA


 Welcome to the Blue Dragon Reiki School, since 1997.  Reiki is over 3000 years old and it is the study of  "chi" or directing energy for wellness and healing.  Learn Hot Stone Massage (2 levels), Advanced Stone,  Raindrop Therapy, Muscle Fascia Cupping and Reiki certificate classes for NHPC, MTAS,  RMTA ceu credits!  Joni Brestler RM, RMT, CIPI is a member with NHPC and Instructor for 21 years and also owner of Oceans Massage  has taught at holistic colleges including Rocky Mountain Holistic Center and Chinook College. Click on class links above to see class details. Reiki is 5 ceu's per level with NHPC, 3 ceu's with RMTA. Universal energy or Holy spirit = Christianity, mana = Polynesian, chi = Chinese, ki = Japanese, or prana = Indian exists in all cultures.  Chi is directed through the hands to the body of the recipient, the hands often getting hot as chi is passed to another person or to oneself.  Chakras, or energy centers located in the body are cleaned out with blockages removed.  Considered a path of enlightenment, each level of reiki learned will help clear out your chakras or energy centers therefore allowing the person to hold more "chi".  Safe to use and easy to learn, reiki has no negative side effects and anyone can learn reiki!  Joni, the reiki master has learned energy healing from many teachers across the world and combines these teachings in very thorough energy training classes in reiki!  It is an exciting hands on class, click on "Reiki class details" for Level 1 and 2 to become a Reiki special abilities required, just intent!  PRIVATE CLASSES! Learn Hot stone Massage, Raindrop Therapy!

LEARN REIKI!  audio visual energy presentation and experience reiki!

TO REGISTER:   call 1-403-891-4822 or email  from your personal email 

Why study reiki?

Everyone can learn reiki to perform reiki on oneself, family or others.  Reiki is an excellent path of self growth and development.  Energy makes up everything that surrounds us including our body.  Learn about the energy field (aura), chakra system and more to heal a natural, holistic and safe way.  Great for stress, illness, injuries.  Simple, but effective get to the cause level of issues.

What can reiki do?

Reiki has been known to help heal stress, chronic illnesses, injuries, emotional trauma, cancer, organs, heal tissues, to detoxify the body, mental healing, digestive issues, headaches, backaches, everything! & is great for wellbeing.

How does reiki work?

Reiki goes to the cause level, the source of all issues to heal.  A surplus of chi, or energy is directed to areas that are depleted of chi or energy.  Energy has its own intelligence and will flow to the most depleted areas.  The reiki healer receives reiki at the same time as giving it, and is never depleted of chi as it is universal not your own energy used.

How do I take a class or choose a Reiki Teacher?

Find out how qualifed your teacher is and know what you will be learning in a class and after.  Reiki is more than just learning hand positions and getting an attunement, it is learning about energy - sensing it, scanning energy and more.  Meet your reiki master and choose one that is knowledgeable and highly experienced.  See bio on "About Joni" to learn more.  Joni has taught reiki since 1997, and has been a member of International Association of Reiki Professionals since 1999, has taught at holistic colleges and specializes in energy healing and is a clairvoyant healer or medical intuitive (can see and sense energy).  Reiki shares held monthly to learn hands on demonstrations done with illnesses, conditions with guest or students clients.  Contact Joni to have a personal reiki session and reading of your energy field.

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